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Robin the model
Modelling for PetShopGirls (photo: PetShopGirls)

Out in the woods

Robin bader i Orfiske (73K)
Having a bath in the lake Ørfiske

Robin svommer (158K)
And I also know how to swim (photo: Anna Barman)

Robin og gris (162K)
Me and some pigs, both two-and fourlegged, haha (photo: Anna Barman)

Robin jumping

Robin på besøk hos italienere
On a visit to my Italian Greyhound friends,
borrowing their too-small bed

Robin enjoying the wind
The king of the hill

Ready for Take-Off
Ready for Take-Off!!!

Java and Robin
Sharing the best chair and blanket with IG-friend Java

What's that?!?

Robin enjoying the sun in the chair
Enjoying both the sun and his favourite chair

Robin Vårgårda
Vårgårda (photo: Linda Frisén)

Robin headstudy
Headstudy (photo: Hanne Demacker)

Klovn (71K)
Ready for Halloween

Cathinka og Robin 2 (55K)
Cathinka and I in junior-handling at Hamar (photo: Geir Kristiansen)

Veterangalla1 (18K)
Cathinka and I on the veteran-galla at Hamar

robinmedvin (847K)
Wow, what a party...

IMG_1948 (72K)
Trying agility (photo: Renata Goel)