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Noor Inca Salukis

C-litter is born! 6+1 puppies, red and chocolate

Our eyes are far-seeing, Gentle and kind, The best of companions, I'm sure you will find

To watch us free-running, Is such sheer delight, It means so much to us, This freedom, this right

Bred to be watchful, Wary but true, Now we are needing, The same things from you

For you are our guardians, Keepers in time, Don't try to change us, We're doing just fine

Do not mistreat us, Your gifts from above, Just treat us with kindness, Repay us with love

For we are saluki, Ancient and wise, There's nothing quite like us, You'll soon realise

Written by Vicki-ann Tompkins, Sivendra Salukis

Started 05/09/2005

Made by Lena S. Dahl